Monday, March 14, 2011

Brad and Emily

The big question arrises; will Brad Womack and Emily Maynard stay together? Like many other bachelors and bachelorettes, their relationship could fall apart. In my opinion, I think their relationship is going to last forever (if that doesn't sound too cheezy). What makes their love real is that they have had many rough moments trying to figure out if they could fit into each other's lives. Throughout the show, they constantly reasurred each other that they could make it work and ended up sharing the most amazing moments together. In the Bachelor's After the Final Rose, Trista and Ryan, Jason and Molly, and Ali and Roberto, came to give the new couple some tips. With those tips, I think Brad and Emily are sure they can make it work. Their constant "I love you's" were a testament to that. I hope the beautiful couple will continue to grow through their relationship and a have a wonderful marriage. :)

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